Don’t forget the soundtrack…

Do you have a song that, when you hear the first second of it, takes you right back to a moment in time no matter how long ago it was?

A few months ago I went on a daddy-daughter-date with my five-year-old to see the movie ‘Trolls’. On the drive home, we sang Justin Timberlake’s ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ at the top of our lungs, and to this day I cannot hear that silly song without thinking about that day. That was a while ago, and yet as I write this post, I still smile. You see, I don’t hear that song and think of the movie. I immediately remember the drive home, her ear-to-ear smile, our off-key melodies, and the laughs we shared in the car.

Music has always played a big part in my history with RVing. A trip that stands out is one I took as a kid up the Oregon Coast in my parents’ Winnebago. This was when my older sister forgot all of her tape cassettes at home…except for Bryan Adams, Reckless. (I know what you’re thinking, tape cassette? How old am I, right? At least I didn’t bring up the 8-track player we had in our Minnie Winnie.) As we explored the great Pacific Northwest, we must have listened to ‘Summer of 69’ 1000 times (and if you’re familiar with this song, then pun totally intended).

By the time we were done with that trip we were so sick of that song and cringed every time it came on for the next year. But today, I smile any time I hear a song from that album. I smile because it takes me back to a great trip we had as a family. And not just that trip. It takes me right back to every trip we ever took in our motorhome.

Today, music continues to be a very important part of the camping trips I take with my own family. Our iPod is a staple on our packing checklist – right next to bikes, hamburger buns and bloody mary mix (don’t judge) – and is often filled with an eclectic mix of music. In addition to the latest Beach House, Father John Misty, or Real Estate, one band that has recently made the regular rotation on the Camping Playlist is Deerhunter. Don’t let their name scare you. If you’ve never heard of them, they’re a band from Atlanta and you can check them out here….

I never thought my kids paid much attention to the music that played on our camping trips, but recently we were at home running our typical weekend errands when Deerhunter’s ‘Breaker’ came on in the car. My daughter turned to my wife and I and said, “Hey, this is a camping song…are we going camping? I like this song.” Score one for dad, right? Not only does my kid have fantastic taste in music, but she also associates this song with our camping trips. I can only hope that one day years from now she and her brother will hear that song (and they will because they’ll inherit my record collection) and think back to some of great trips we’ve taken in our Winnie. It is a nice reminder that we’re building memories that they’ll have with them for years to come.

And so, as we continue our journey, we will continue to play our Camping Playlist on repeat and keep making great memories. Whatever your own soundtrack may include, we hope you will too.

Keep on Truckin’,

Daddy List

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