We are The Camping Playlist.


As a family of four who live and work in Silicon Valley, life can move pretty fast. Between work meetings, school activities, Target runs, birthday parties, and other arbitrary errands, we started to feel like we were always en route to something and not really living in the moment.

Last year, we decided it was time to slow down. Both my husband (let’s call him Daddy List) and I (Mommy List) grew up travelling in RVs. We both had great memories of family road trips and campsite adventures. We remembered the journeys being as much (if not more) fun than the destinations. These were experiences we wanted our daughter (Princess List, age 5) and son (Turbo List, age 3) to have. And so, in January 2016 we bit the bullet, invested in a Winnebago Vista and began our adventure. While we’re not in a position to be full time RVers right now, we do try to get out of town at least once a month.

Daddy List has always been somewhat of a music aficionado and so he was in charge of creating our camping playlist. It may include the newest Beach House or Fleet Foxes, classics like Al Green or Billie Holiday, or whatever kids’ movie soundtrack Princess List and Turbo List are obsessed with at the moment.  These songs have become the soundtrack to the memories we create on our travels. They have become synonymous with laughter by the campfire, long family walks, playing games, or enjoying dinner under the stars. They are the sounds of being truly present.

We are The Camping Playlist and this is our journey. Enjoy.